Client Testimonials

For our clients, treatment at McCall has given them hope. To them, hope looks like…

“Treatment has helped me understand that my life does matter!! I am not alone, it is okay to be afraid, and hope is possible. People do care about me, and my life is worth living. I don’t ever have to settle again.  I am a beacon of hope to those struggling and I need to use that light to help others, just like I was helped.”


“I now know that I deserve a life in recovery.  For so long I believed that the only way I could get through life was to be high all of the time, but now I’ve seen I can make it through the most difficult moments and tragic events in my life, even handling it better without the use of substances.”


“Before treatment my self-worth was tainted with the pains and struggles of my past. I now know and feel that success and happiness is possible.  I am a good man and worthy of great things.  I’ve made bad choices but that does not define me. If I continue to be optimistic, and make the next right choice, the possibility of being a better man, father, and husband are real.”


“The most important thing to me is that I know I can reach out to the staff on my recovery journey. I have never felt so comfortable. The staff is amazing with their dedication and compassion. Thank you all so much for helping me get my life back.”

Our clients want you to know that you too are worthy of a life in recovery.

To someone with a substance use disorder

“You can do it.  Please ask for help.  Life is worth living.  It doesn’t seem like it right now, I know, but have hope and pray.  It’s time to fight for yourself.  Let’s Go!  You have a whole team waiting for you, you are not alone.”

To someone with a mental health disorder

“Many people with substance use disorders also suffer from mental health issues.  Don’t give up!  Get help, the right medication and counseling; they can help you feel like you again and can completely change your outlook and life.  I speak from experience.”

To a senior

“Age is a mental state.  It is never too late to change.  It can take you 40 years to reach a goal but if you have the determination and drive you will reach it in baby steps.  I know change is uncomfortable, but it is worth it.”

To a mother

“Your family needs you.  It is better to get help now, so everyone can have you healthy later.  Your children will remember you got help and came back to them with love.  Take time now so you can not only be there tomorrow but for the rest of their lives.”

Take a deeper look into what treatment is like at McCall:

Residential Treatment Experience with Carnes Weeks Center Alumni, Shy

I lost my father at a very young age and early in my adolescence I began looking for love in all the wrong places. I experienced trauma, which caused me to get depressed and I began isolating myself. It was during this time that an acquaintance mistakenly gave me a cigarette laced with PCP and from then on, I kept using it to cope with my emotions. I was suspended from school and frequently ran away from home. I was placed in group homes and got pregnant with my youngest son.  I was doing better but then my heart got broken and I ended up in rehab for the first time.

A Beautiful Mistake

I called McCall by mistake; I am so grateful that they called me back. I couldn’t have asked for a more caring and compassionate team. I never thought that I could sit down and open up to a counselor, but I did. They made me feel comfortable and safe, going above and beyond to help me.  

A Safe Place for Women

Women are often afraid to enter treatment. We have families to care for, children, and jobs. It is hard to leave and know everything will be okay.  The staff at McCall addressed my needs and made sure my sons were included in my recovery. They even went to the state capitol to help me obtain visitation and ensure I was able to meet with them on the McCall campus.

The women’s group was also an important part of my recovery.  Through the group, I realized that I wasn’t the only one who had been through something traumatic.  Hearing other women talk about their experiences allowed me to open up and let me know that I wasn’t alone.  

On the Journey Together

When I was ready to leave Carnes Weeks, I was offered additional services to further my recovery.  I was connected to Recovery, Engagement, Access, Coaching & Healing (REACH) workers, outpatient and employment services, and trauma groups.   McCall continues to be a support system for me to this day. Even though I had to come these doors a couple of times to get it, I am now living a full life in recovery with my sons and eternally grateful for that beautiful mistake.

Watch Shy’s video to learn more about her experience.  

Residential Treatment Experience with Dempsey Center Alumni, Herb

I grew up in a dysfunctional family. Both of my parents and many members of my extended family had substance use disorders. I was often surrounded by chaos while living in that environment.  I started using too and by the age of 17 I was arrested for the first time.  I became all that I could become.

At the time of my arrest, there was an option to choose prison or the military.  I opted to join the United States Marine Corps.  My time in the military gave me a glimpse of success, but it only magnified my drinking.  When I got out, I went right back to drinking, using drugs, and living a criminal lifestyle.  During this time, I also got married, had two children, and kept bouncing in and out of prison.

Finding that Human Connection 

I didn’t find the right treatment until later in life.  A judge saw something in me and gave me a chance to embrace recovery and that’s how I came to McCall (formerly Help, Inc.). Through treatment and small group sessions I learned a lot about myself.  

In those small groups I heard other people’s stories, and they heard mine.  We made deep connections, and it was motivating to see others who were in recovery.  At times while sharing my story and the difficulties in my life, things that I thought were a hindrance were actually helping others.  

The Profound Moments in Treatment

Treatment helped me realize that there was a spiritual part of me that I wasn’t taking care of and that needed to heal.  Now it is not about me anymore; it’s about my recovery journey that lasts a lifetime.  Healing that spiritual side of me gave me a second chance and finding the right people to help me do that was the most important lesson I have ever learned in my life.

Watch Herb’s video to learn more about his experience.

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