Ensuring the safety of our staff and clients is our #1 priority.

We have a ZERO tolerance for any form of sexual abuse and/or sexual harassment. 

The McCall Behavioral Health Network:

  • Does not tolerate sexual abuse or sexual harassment of any community confinement resident.
  • Shall work proactively at preventing, detecting, deterring, and responding to acts of sexual abuse and sexual harassment involving community confinement residents.
  • Shall ensure that existing practices and new strategies to prevent, detect, deter, and respond to acts of sexual abuse and sexual harassment involving community confinement residents comply with applicable PREA standards.

If you are concerned about the safety of a client that attends our programs or if you have been victimized in any of our confinement settings, there is help available. McCall offers multiple ways for our clients and staff to safely and confidentially report incidents related to sexual abuse and/or sexual harassment as it relates to P.R.E.A. 

To report an incident:

  • Speak to the P.R.E.A. manager or coordinator of the program you are involved in.
  • Call our main line 860.496.2100 ext. 1114 and ask to speak with our P.R.E.A. coordinator, Jamie Calvano, LADC, Director of Training and Compliance.
  • Leave a note in the locked box located inside of each program building. All locked boxes are checked regularly by the P.R.E.A. program manager.
  • If you are in Waterbury, call the Safe Haven Hotline, our external collaborative reporting source, at 203.575.0036
  • If you are in Torrington, call the Susan B. Anthony Project, our external collaborative reporting source, at 860.482.7133.

P.R.E.A. Policies:

§115.222 Policies to ensure referrals of allegation for investigations

Policy:  McCall Behavioral Health Network shall ensure that an administrative or criminal investigation is completed for all allegations of sexual abuse and sexual harassment.

§115.288 Data review for corrective action

Policy:  McCall’s P.R.E.A. Committee shall review data collected and aggregated pursuant to §115.287 in order to assess and improve the effectiveness of its sexual abuse prevention, detection, and response policies, practices, and training.

All reported incidents will be investigated.

All complaints of sexual abuse and/or sexual harassment are considered to be serious incidents that will be thoroughly investigated. The P.R.E.A Review Committee oversees all P.R.E.A. Preliminary Reviews and will accept complaints from any concerned individual. 

The Court Support Service Division will conduct all administrative investigations. If an investigation reveals misconduct of a criminal nature the case will be referred to the Connecticut State Police for additional investigation and possible prosecution. All confirmed incidents can result in administrative sanctions and/or criminal prosecution.

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