Funded by the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS).

Personalized support for individuals and families affected by substance use or co-occurring disorders.

Recovery. Engagement. Access. Coaching. Healing. It’s more than what the REACH stands for – it’s what the program promises to deliver. 

Through their personal knowledge of the recovery community, REACH Recovery Navigators help connect program participants to services aimed at enhancing their recovery journey, while supporting their goals as they develop a safe support network. 

Woman’s REACH Program: This valuable program offers recovery support resources for women, particularly those who are pregnant and/or parenting.

Family Recovery Navigator Services: Family Navigators provide treatment and recovery support resources to LGBTQ+ parents, single fathers, and primary caregiving family members.

Family Care Plan: Ideally established during pregnancy, this care management plan is meant to be a safety net for families affected by substance use.

Want to make a referral or learn more about the program?

Contact Leann Mitchell, LCSW, Director of Family Services, at 860.496.2139.

You can also visit the DMHAS website to learn more.

McCall Behavioral Health Network is a DMHAS-designated provider to fulfill requirements of the newly updated Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) and Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Act (CARA).