Who We Are

A network that heals. A community who cares. 

McCall Behavioral Health Network is a nonprofit organization with a diverse network of experienced, specialized, and highly trained behavioral healthcare professionals who have been proudly serving families and individuals of all ages across Western Connecticut for 50+ years. 


Here, our mission is to inspire hope, and promote wellness and healing through a continuum of behavioral health services — prevention, treatment, recovery support, and community engagement.


In order to achieve this mission, we will: 

  • Be strong and committed advocates for the needs of the communities and those we serve. 
  • Promote a multi-cultural, anti-oppression presence in our communities and within our own organization.
  • Provide a place where individuals and families will find welcoming, caring, and effective programs and services for their behavioral health needs. 
  • Attend to whole person health needs and wellness – in-house or through our strong collaborations with partner organizations to assure that each client’s unique needs are met. 
  • Employ dedicated, informed, solutions-focused professionals who draw satisfaction and joy from their work.
  • Provide a learning and teaching environment for all staff and those new to the work. 
  • Be committed to participation in continuous improvement and research, which is integral to finding new solutions to difficult problems and changing needs.