Insight Program

Digging deeper to support at-risk students.

McCall offers the Insight Program to area schools, which is a substance use group designed to provide prevention and early intervention for youth identified as at-risk to use illicit substances. The program can be modified to fit the needs of individual schools. 

Each course may last anywhere from 10 weeks to a full school year and covers topics including: 

  • Drug and alcohol use prevention: Developing resistance skills, identifying peer influence, learning coping skills and developing healthy self-esteem.
  • Impact of substances on regions of the brain: See the direct impact of substance use on a developing brain.
  • Perception of harm: Understanding the real dangers of substance use.
  • Factors that influence our decisions: What are the underlying factors in our lives that drive our behaviors and influence our decision making?
  • Alcohol: The signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning, binge drinking, and alcoholism.
  • Families: What is a healthy family?  Coping skills, resources, and the impact addiction has on a family.
  • Marijuana: What are the facts vs. myths regarding marijuana?  What are the long and short-term effects of smoking on the body and mind?
  • Media influence: How do we decide what’s acceptable/cool/unacceptable?  What role does the media play in our decision making?  How do we discern truth?
  • Stages of addiction: What happens along the way? Who is susceptible to addiction? What are the signs that someone is in trouble and what can you (and they) do about it?
  • Tobacco: Explore the dangers of cigarette and cigar smoking as well as chewing tobacco including short and long-term effects on the body.  We will also discuss the dangers of e-cigarettes and vaping.
  • Other drugs: Depending on the needs of participants, other drugs can be covered including prescription medication use, ecstasy and other club drugs, heroin, cocaine, LSD, PCP, and other hallucinogens.

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