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This website is accessible to all, and site visitors may use it without identifying themselves or revealing any personal information.

The website is educational in nature and describes the treatment programs and prevention initiatives of the McCall Behavioral Health Network. The site provides reliable information about substance use disorder and mental health disorder treatment; counseling and recovery; and prevention research and programs. It also offers links to websites of other organizations that offer supplemental or more detailed information.


All information on this site is general in nature. Please note that information alone cannot replace the services you may need.

This site does not assess any health conditions, offer medical advice, or endorse any specific programs, products or services. (It does discuss 12-step programs relative to their role in McCall’s approach to its treatment and counseling programs.) Do not rely on any of the information provided here for substance use disorder and/or mental health disorder assessment or treatment. Please consult your health care provider about any health care concerns, including those that may relate to the use of alcohol and other substances.

Government, commercial or private links provided throughout the site are intended only to supply information. No endorsement of services, programs, products, or agencies is intended, nor is criticism implied of those not included. Also, McCall does not control the content of the internet sites or organizations listed. Once the user leaves the McCall Behavioral Health Network website to visit a linked site, the privacy policy of that site applies.

Personal Information & Privacy

You do not have to provide any personal data to visit this site and we do not collect any personal information about you unless you choose to provide that material. If you elect to send us information about yourself through an email message, we will maintain that information only as long as needed to respond to your question or fulfill the stated purpose of the communication. Any personal information submitted is kept confidential and separate from this web center.

Certain information is gleaned and stored automatically but does not include the personal identification of site visitors. Recorded information includes number of site hits and visits, the dates and times of access, and the pages visited. We use this information to improve the site and make it more useful.

Attention Parents

Site visitors, including children and youth, have several opportunities to contact McCall prevention staff via email links. We intend these communication options to be used to send suggestions or questions relative to the center’s content. We will treat all email messages according to the personal information and privacy terms described above.

We will use contact information from site visitors to develop new material and respond to questions.

We respect and protect children’s privacy. We encourage parents (and educators) to monitor their children’s internet activity, especially during communication with specific websites, this one included.