Melissa Gray, CAC, CADC

Melissa’s heart belongs to McCall. She began as a student intern in our Carnes Weeks Center in 1993. She was such a great fit that she was hired as substance use technician and eventually was promoted to counselor. Melissa’s ability to connect with clients is unmatched. Clients are immediately at ease with Melissa and know that she is a person to be trusted. Melissa is a native Spanish speaker and can joke with staff and clients in two languages.

In 2007, Melissa took over as program director at McCall House and in 2008 at Hotchkiss House. Most recently she has taken the lead at Hanson House, which opened in 2017. Melissa also provides case management and direction to our Migeon House recovery home program. She is a Certified Addiction Counselor, holds a Specialty Certificate of Competency in Co-Occurring Disorders.